Welcome to KASAHARA elementary school!!

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.
Even though it was a very short time, we had a good time with you.
And you gave us a good chance to learn real English.
So we want to say thank you so much.
And if you can give us a comment about our interview on this page, we would appreciate it.

Our school is located in Tajimi, in Gifu, Japan.
It has about 400 students.
There are many trees, flowers, and small fields and mountains nearby.
Here are some photos of our school!!

Our town is not a big city.
But it is famous for ceramics and ceramic tiles.
We have a long history in ceramics.
So we can see many mosaic works in Kasahara.
They are so beautiful.

And also, you can enjoy good Japanese food and sake.

You can come to our town from Nagoya, in Aichi easily. It will take 30 minutes by train.
It’s a good season to see the colored leaves of fall.
We are looking forward to seeing you again.